New course boatbuilding at the Batavia Shipyard in Lelystad Holland

Like last year I want to organize a course on lapstrake boatbuilding on the historical Batavia Shipyard in Lelystad. It will be from the 17th of august till the 25th of august. Like a challenge?? We will build a 14′ Whitehall in mahogany over oak frames. I have a nice tiller laminated from oak and mahogany somewhere in the shop, so she is half ready to go ….


Last year we have build a Christmas Wherrie in the summer over there. It was just pure fun, however we were struck by a cracked plank which I did not want to use for planking. It was too far gone.
So I have ordered a new plank to be resawn at a well known lumberyard somewere in the east of Holland, they were so kind to help us in-between two other customers. I just had to come and collect the resawn planks the next day. But: arriving at their yard, their saw had broken up (only 1 tiny bit of electric hardware) just before they started to saw my plank. The mechanic was just underway and if I only wait for a couple of hours I could take the plank with me.
No way: I decided to go back to the boat we were building and wanted to go back the next day.
Just before dawn I phoned them and heard that the electric part had not yet arrived in time!

We called off the course for the last sunday and decided that we would come back to my workshop next month to finish the job. Everybody was very tired of working 8 days at a row and was happy about it their sunday off.

A month later we finished the boat at Den Helder in my workshop.
Because of the crisis and the lack of time and room at home, nobody felt the urge of taking the boat home to finish her and sail her next year.
So I took her myself and will drive her to the “Semaine du Golfe” in Brittany this spring. I will sail her with a sign saying: “A Vendre”, or 4 sail or something like that.
I will ask only 5 or 6 thousand Euro while the materials only costed me about 3000 Euros.
My friend Frank van Zoest, the sailmaker from Oar & Sail in Groningen will have my tan luggersail with white threads sail ready in time and now I am painting the hull and spars. Hereunder she is just had a second coat of paint under the waterline. Her name will be: Batavier

I hope the weather will be fine and we will have a lot to sail and will see many friends again!



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