Many reasons why to build your own boat

1: Unlike production boats which must be designed and built to appeal to as many people as possible, a home-built boat can be as individual as you are.

2: From headroom to berth-length to seat height, the home-built boat can be completely made-to-measure.

3: The cost of building your own boat can be spread, like hire purchase, over however long it takes you. Unlike hire purchase, you don’t pay extra.

4: Since you are not paying for your own Iabour, you can afford to build a finer boat than the one you can afford to buy… Within reason.

5: We are all awash with consumer goods, so there’s a special satisfaction in making something practical and beautiful with your own hands.

6: … And that satisfaction will never be greater than on the day you launch the boat you built  yourself.

7: Building a boat can be great therapy if you’re in a stressful occupation.

8: Building your own boat is the best excuse there is for buying more tools.

9: Women like their menfolk to build boats… though some try hard not to show it. See 8 above re tools.

10: Building a boat is not like putting up shelves, assembling a shed or laying a patio; you are creating a vessel to voyage in an alien environment. You are building the Starship Enterprise.

11: Epoxy can hide a multitude of joinery mistakes.

12: Epoxy-coated joinery mistakes are great for lighting the woodburner.

13: Your wife’s boss will be fascinated when you describe for him the differences between fast and slow hardener at her office Christmas party.

14: Recycled timber, indigenous timber, electric propulsion… home-built boats can be more environmentally friendly than commercially built craft.

15: Building a boat invariably requires listening to the radio; soon you’re an authority on Keynesian economics and why the Kaiser Chiefs’ version of Oh My God is better than Lily Allen’s.

16: Your daughter’s boyfriend will be fascinated when you describe for him the differences between fast and slow hardener at her 18th birthday party.

17: Home boatbuilding reinvigorates your neglected mental arithmetic… Eventually.

Pete Greenfield , editor from Watercraft Magazine#96 who is building in his own backyard



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